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Health care facilities can improve compliance with infection-control and respiratory protection policies with the "point-and-click" documentation and tracking functions in MediTrax, and can generate medical surveillance status reports for any segment of the workforce.

MediTrax offers a comprehensive spectrum of HIPAA-compliant employee health data management, which we're happy to review with you in a live demo of our software. Here are just a few examples:

Increase staff efficiency and productivity:

  • Point-and-click appointment scheduling helps minimize delay and eliminates double-booking errors.
  • Clinical appointments and case management tasks may be instantly downloaded to an Outlook® or Lotus Notes® calendar.
  • Searchable picklists enable immediate retrieval of employee demographic and clinical records, while essentially eliminating data-entry errors caused by storing critical information in hidden "user-defined" data fields or using non-standard "spur of the moment" user-created codes.
  • Workflow-driven patient registration and encounter data entry improves documentation speed and accuracy.
  • Instant cross-referencing of all data tables eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.
  • Customized Clinical Service Protocols help ensure that required evaluation services follow established policies and procedures at the time of each visit, minimizing callbacks
  • Unique "encounter ticket" numbering ensures rapid documentation of services.
  • Point-and-click documentation of immunizations and infectious-disease surveillance, audiometry, spirometry, and respirator clearance and fit testing helps reduce the burden of maintaining current comprehensive surveillance records.
  • Paperless Flu Clinics: The MediTrax Group Immunization function can utilize magnetic-stripe or RFID-chip badge reader technology (or barcode scanning) to reduce the time required for documentation of immunization consent or declination. Obtaining a virtual "electronic signature" for each Employee requires only 20-30 seconds per individual, without the necessity for any paper forms whatsoever and without the necessity to spend thousands of dollars on an external software-and-hardware combination!
  • MediTrax contains a complete and current library of CDC VIS documents for instant reference or printout.
  • Multiple follow-up appointments and recall reminders may be created at the time of any evaluation, immunization or surveillance exam.
  • Automatic ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding improve documentation accuracy.
  • Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking® voice-recognition software enables clinicians to dictate notes and reports into MediTrax, reducing transcription costs.
  • Instant display and printout of missed appointments enables timely follow-up calls to employees and notification to supervisors.
  • Integrated case management support and FMLA tracking capabilities reduce the staff workload required to monitor employee disability.
  • Point-and-click document scanning enables unlimited documents to be linked to an Employee's record.

Improve communication and client satisfaction:

  • "One-minute checkout" enables you to print a Work Status Report for any Employee, clearly listing all medical restrictions, the time of arrival and discharge, and the date and time of followup. The Work Status Report contains no PHI and may be instantly sent to the Employee's supervisor via e-mail.
  • Fully-integrated Employee Personal EMR functionality enables rapid access to multiple categories of each Employee's occupational medical record. Employee health staff may edit the EMR, while the Employee Portal function enables individual workers to view (but not edit) their own records.
  • Immunization and serology records for individual Employees are available instantly for review or printout.
  • Surveillance-protocol compliance reports help ensure timely notification of employees who are due for periodic screening or evaluation
  • Management reports, periodic-evaluation and return-visit reminders, return-to-work notes, and all other MediTrax reports may be printed to electronic (PDF) files which can be sent to supervisors and Employees via e-mail.
  • The MediTrax Supervisor Portal enables management personnel to view and print compliance reports and work status reports without access to protected health information.
  • Automated random-selection protocols enable efficient management of workplace drug testing programs.
  • Print-on-demand summaries of current cases and work restriction status help ensure supervisors and management are aware of the value of your services.

Reduce the burden of regulatory reporting:

  • Each occupational injury/illness record is automatically indexed to encounter records, Employer's First Report of Injury forms, and OSHA recordability criteria, minimizing staff overhead required for report preparation.
  • Comprehensive accident and near-miss documentation enables integrated safety reporting and OSHA recordkeeping.
  • OSHA 300, 300A, 301 and Sharps Injury Logs are automatically compiled from data entered anywhere in MediTrax, enabling instant reporting and printout.
  • Comprehensive documentation and reporting of inservice training, including course rosters and individual training records, simplifies institutional compliance tracking.


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