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We often receive inquiries asking whether MediTrax is "web-based" or "web-enabled". The answer to that question depends on what the writer means by the term:

  • The term may simply refer to the ability to use MediTrax via the Internet. Many of our customers use the program from remote locations (either in a multi-site facility, or when providing services on-site at client facilities) over the Internet, either by way of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to their file server, or by logging in to their network remotely after enabling a Virtual Desktop on a workstation connected to their server. In that sense, MediTrax has been "web-enabled" for more than a decade.

    Until October 2008, MediTrax data records were required to be housed on your server, rather than at a remote web hosting site. If this is the case in your facility, for optimum speed in a multi-site environment (or for remote operation from client facilities), we recommend installing Microsoft Terminal Services with Remote Desktop Protocol 6.0, and accessing the program using the remote client over a DSL Internet connection. MediTrax has also been tested in Citrix Terminal Server environments and no incompatibility has been reported.

  • The term may also refer to "web-based" installation and remote hosting. Since October 2008, MediTrax has offered "colocation" or "cloud computing" options to house the software and all data records on a remote dedicated server which meets all HIPAA requirements for security of confidential medical information and to which only you have access -- freeing you from the necessity to purchase server hardware that depreciates and becomes obsolete over time, eliminating the need to bring in an IT consultant to troubleshoot hardware or network failures, and ensuring unlimited data space and high-level security without sacrificing the speed and ease of use you can expect from MediTrax. Please contact MediTrax Technical Support for more information on this option.

    Remote Hosting ("Web-enabled") Option:

    MediTrax may be hosted on a remote dedicated server hosted by Server@Work. This server offers a level of security which meets all HIPAA requirements for confidentiality at a reasonable per-user monthly rate.

  • Additionally, the term "web-based" is sometimes used to refer to software which is written in "browser-enabled" code. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and other browser-oriented languages display a "snapshot" of selected data records at the time the page is first loaded into a browser window. Navigating large data tables in a browser is often requires multiple clicks of the mouse to move forward or backward in the table (for example, when you browse a list of employee/patients for MARK JOHNSON, you must often type the entire name, in order to avoid having to click a NEXT button repeatedly to display a snapshot of the next few names on the list).

    With MediTrax, you actually scroll through the data table in real time, and the display is updated with each letter you press. Navigating through the data table is further accelerated by use of the navigation arrow keys as well as the <PgDn>, <PgUp>, <Home>, and <End> keys. You may also change the search criteria (for example, to enable searching by an Employee ID or SSN) with a single mouse-click.

    We have found that, especially with data tables containing hundreds of thousands of records, the speed advantage of this method over browser-based "web-page" coding is significant.

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