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What do our software users say about how MediTrax has helped them increase their efficiency and productivity, reduce operating costs, and provide better and more efficient service -- all for a fraction of the cost of our competitors?

From a hospital employee health manager in southern California:
"We really got dinged in the last two hospital audits, and we needed a better software program that would produce a Sharps Injury Log and all our compliance reports without the hassle required by our [program x] software. Your point-and-click reports are wonderful! We got through this last audit with flying colors!"

From the manager of a multi-site facility in Ohio:
"Your support is outstanding. We asked for some program enhancements to interface with our new HR system, and you had it ready for us in 48 hours, at no extra cost. Not only that, but the ability to upload our entire employer client database from the spreadsheets we used previously saved us about a week of data entry work."

From an office manager in Pennsylvania:
"[Program x] is okay, but we haven't been able to afford their $15,000-a-year support cost for the past couple of years, so we're on our own when it comes to solving any problems that come up - and problems come up all the time. That's why we're switching to MediTrax!"

From the nurse manager at a new provider-based clinic in Massachusetts:
"[Program x] gave us a price estimate of $30,000 - but by the time we got ready for installation, the price of the add-on modules jacked the cost up to over $75,000. Data conversion was going to cost us thousands more, and the annual support cost was going to run over $15,000. That's why we came to you."

From the medical director of a hospital-based program in Washington DC:
"I'm probably the most computer-illiterate doctor you'll ever meet, but this program was a breeze for me to understand and use, and it covers all the essentials of tracking our patients and giving me the management reports I need. It really ought to be considered the gold standard in occupational health."

From an accountant in Georgia:
"I'm a CPA, and I oversee the books of an established clinic with over a thousand employer clients. Switching from [program x] to MediTrax was the best business decision we've ever made!"

From a veteran program administrator in eastern Pennsylvania:
"You don't have to be a computer expert to use MediTrax. If you know how to read, you can use this program!"

From a hospital employee health director in Texas:
"We've used [program x] for years, but last month they told us they're going out of business. Yours is the only other software program out there that's easy to use and that we can afford!"

From an occupational physician and clinic director in Washington State:
"[Program x] quoted us a price for their mandatory upgrade, and for our small clinic it was going to cost $158,000 over the next five years. For one-sixth the price, we now have a scheduling module, faster reporting, electronic billing and an integrated EMR - and we don't have to pay extra each time we add a new user."

From an occupational health program director in the Midwest:
"We were looking at all the occupational health software packages, and [program x] said they could be flexible on their price - in fact, they were willing to knock $100,000 off their initial $240,000 quote!"

From an employee health nurse on the West Coast:
"You offered to clean up hundreds of old [program x] data entry errors and add several new report formats we requested at no charge, before we ever paid you a dime. We really appreciated that."

From the manager of a start-up clinic in Tennessee:
"Excellent on-site training ... our staff was all comfortable using the software in the first few hours ... and thanks for fixing the hardware problems that our IT consultants had overlooked when they set up our network!"

From an occupational health program director in the Midwest:
"[Program x] kept insisting their software is certified - and yes, it is, but since we don't do any Medicare billing, and since there aren't any 'meaningful use' criteria yet defined for occupational medicine, it wouldn't have made a dime's worth of difference in our income but it would have cost us an extra $120,000 for the software!"

From a hospital employee health director in Florida:
"The discount pricing [program x] quoted us was $80,000 plus $20,000 per year in support. On-site training was going to cost thousands more. They must think we have an unlimited software budget."

From the manager of a small clinic in Oklahoma:
"I really appreciate your willingness to work with us on spreading out payment of the license fee over our first six months in business."

From the nursing director of an Indiana hospital employee health program whose data tables contained over 350,000 individual surveillance records:
"We got rid of the Excel spreadsheets we had to use to get the reports we wanted from [program x]. With MediTrax, we're getting work done in three hours that used to take three days!"

Over the past 30 years, our customers have told us MediTrax is the most user-friendly occupational health software program available, and we think you'll find our no-hidden-costs pricing is much more affordable than other programs you might be considering.

Can MediTrax measure up to your clinical workload? Call or write to request a live online demo ... and we'll let you be the judge!

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