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Provider-based clinics can offer a menu of services tailored to individual employer clients with the customized Clinical Service Protocols and multiple fee schedules available in MediTrax. Here are just a few of the advantages MediTrax offers to occupational health clinics:

  • Billing and accounts-receivable functions are fully integrated with clinical data tables, eliminating the need for separate data entry and processing.
  • The entire range of MediTrax functions is available for single- and multi-site facilities.

Increase staff efficiency and productivity:

  • Point-and-click appointment scheduling minimizes delay and helps eliminate double-booking errors.
  • Searchable picklists enable immediate retrieval of employee, employer and insurer records.
  • Workflow-driven patient registration and encounter data entry improves documentation speed and accuracy.
  • The "One-Minute Checkout" enables you to print a Work Status Report instantly, listing any medical restrictions as well as the date and time of followup. You can give one copy to the employee, and send another copy instantly to the employer via fax or email. We introduced this concept in 1991, and almost all other software programs now offer a similar report since it's such a valuable tool for communication with employer clients!
  • Instant cross-referencing of all data tables eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.
  • Instant display and printout of missed appointments enables timely follow-up calls to employees and notification to employers.
  • Unique "encounter ticket" numbering ensures rapid documentation of services and minimizes the risk of misplaced chargemaster sheets and lost revenue.
  • Integrated audit trails for all transactions minimize the risk of misappropriated revenues
  • Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking® voice-recognition software enables clinicians to dictate notes and reports into MediTrax, reducing transcription costs.

Improve communication with patients and client employers:

  • An unlimited number of customized Clinical Service Protocols make it possible to ensure that required evaluation services follow established policies and procedures at the time of each visit, minimizing callbacks and enhancing your client employers' appreciation of your value to them.
  • Automated random-selection protocols enable efficient management of workplace drug testing programs and DOT consortium management.
  • Print-on-demand summaries of current cases and work restriction status help ensure employers are aware of the value of your services, improving satisfaction and retention of clients.

Reduce billing costs and speed reimbursement:

  • Automatic ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding improve documentation and billing accuracy.
  • MediTrax account tables simplify billing non-patient-related services to client employers.
  • Split-billing options enable you to invoice specific payors (such as billing injury care to the insurer, while billing the drug test performed at the same visit to a third party agency).
  • Integrated billing and accounts-receivable functions eliminates the overhead expense of "outside" billing services.
  • HCFA-1500 and HCFA-1450 forms can be printed on plain paper, eliminating the expense of preprinted billing forms.


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