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Software updates to keep up with changes in the occupational health field and advances in technology have always been an integral part of MediTrax development. Our design team works constantly with seasoned occupational physicians and occupational health nurses, allied health professionals, finance and billing "gurus", information systems administrators, clinical program directors, and individual MediTrax users to ensure the software continues to maintain its "state-of-the-art" support of experienced occupational health professionals.

We regularly inform our users about the availability of updates, and software updates are available at this website for immediate downloading by all users with a current Support Agreement.

NOTE: Software files downloaded from this website include components of the copyrighted software program MediTrax. Program components, including any "online" or electronic documentation, are subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement under which you have licensed MediTrax (an "End User License Agreement" or "EULA") and the terms and conditions noted here.

By installing, copying or otherwise using software downloaded from this website, you agree to be bound by the terms of the MediTrax EULA. If you do not agree to this condition, do not install, copy or use MediTrax or any files downloaded from this website.

If you do not have a valid EULA for MediTrax and a current MediTrax Software Support Agreement, you are not authorized to install, copy or otherwise use this MediTrax software update except for purposes of updating a "demo" or "trial" copy of MediTrax in order to evaluate its potential usefulness to you in the event you wish to become a licensed user of the software.

Before attempting to install this update, see the note below regarding the inability to complete the update if any user has the MediTrax program open.

The most recent update is

Version 5.17n
1 January 2018

To download the latest software update, click the link above. You will then be prompted to Save or Save As the file to disk. Click the Save link, and then choose the folder in which you would like to save the update file.

Write down both the exact name of the file, and the folder on your hard drive in which the file is saved. We highly recommend creating a folder named "Downloads" on your computer's Desktop (or as a subfolder of your MediTrax program folder) and downloading the file into that folder, where it will be easy to find. You may also wish to save it in an empty folder to prevent losing track of it among other files already on your computer.

The changes implemented in this release are listed here.

With MediTrax, it's not necessary to perform "sequential updating". Each new release automatically detects the software version currently in use and makes all necessary modifications to program files.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to update the desktop shortcut(s) to your MediTrax program. Once the data tables are updated on the file server, they may be accessed from any workstation on the network.

NOTE: You may need to temporarily disable Norton Personal Firewall to download this file.

NOTE: If you can't successfully download the file because your Internet connection breaks off, please try again. If you still have problems, contact MediTrax Tech Support at


1. Never run while carrying scissors.

2. Never try to beat a train to the crossing.

3. As with any software program, it's a good idea to make a BACKUP COPY of your current data tables as insurance against power failure, earthquake, fire, flood, rain, hail, hurricane, sleet, pestilence, tornado, volcanic eruption, plagues of locusts, or any other "it-can't-happen-here" disaster occurring right in the middle of an update process!

We've tried to take all the guesswork out of backing up your data tables ... just click Utilities / Database Administration / Backup Data Tables ... and MediTrax will create a ZIP file containing all your current data. The backup can be created on your file server or a local hard drive, although we strongly recommend using removable media such as a flash drive or CD.


MediTrax's downloadable software update files have names ending in ".exe" and are self-extracting Zip archives. A Zip archive is a package (containing one or more files) that has been "zipped" to make it smaller and to provide easy downloading of numerous files simultaneously. An archive that is self-extracting is capable of "unzipping" itself.

Once the file has completely downloaded to your computer, ensure that all users (including yourself) have exited from MediTrax and "unzip" the contents of the downloaded file by simply double-clicking on it. You will be prompted to select the folder in which your MediTrax data tables are located. The archive will "unzip" itself and will update the files within your MediTrax folder.

If the self-extraction process displays the message Can't create output file mt5.exe it is an indication that the MediTrax program is currently in use on one or more workstations. You will again need to ensure that all users (including yourself) have exited from MediTrax before repeating the self-extraction step. Note that your server may be keeping the executable program "in use" if another user simply shut down his/her workstation without exiting MediTrax.

NOTE FOR CLIENT-SERVER INSTALLATIONS: MediTrax supports a "client-server" mode in which the MT5.EXE program executable is stored on each workstation, and only the data tables are maintained on the file server. Since network traffic and the load on the file server are reduced by running the program itself in the memory of each workstation, performance speed can be significantly enhanced in facilities with large data tables.

If this is the case at your facility, you should FIRST install the update on your file server, and THEN copy the new MT5.EXE file to each workstation. Your MediTrax desktop icon should point to the program on the workstation rather than on the file server.

Copyright copy; 2002-2017 Occupational Health Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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