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Initial Training:

Although many users find that their experienced occupational health and employee health staff are able to begin using the software almost immediately, it can be helpful to have extended "hands-on" orientation to familiarize users with many of the advanced features of MediTrax as well as its user-configurable clinical protocols, comprehensive administrative and regulatory reporting, and (for provider-based clinics) billing/accounting capabilities.

As soon as possible after we receive your initial deposit or confirmed purchase order (generally within a week or two), a MediTrax representative will schedule a visit to your facility to install our easy-to-use software and train your entire staff. If you have existing data in a readable, non-proprietary format (such as a spreadsheet, data table or text file) we'll work with you to import those data into MediTrax. We'll even work with your Information Systems staff to load employee demographic data from a host mainframe or an in-house HR database (PeopleSoft, Lawson, Cerner, MediTech, etc.) into MediTrax.

A MediTrax license package includes at least TWO FULL DAYS of on-site training for your staff at your facility. In our formal on-site training, we review:

  • Preliminary Tasks and Importing Demographic Data with IS staff
  • Setting Up Data Tables with supervisors
  • Menus and Data Entry Screens with everyone using the software
  • Reporting with management staff and clinicians
  • Case Management with case managers, etc.
A detailed outline of what we cover is shown below.

Then, if there's ever a problem, you can call us for assistance on our toll-free customer support hotline. Best of all, our on-site training comes at no additional charge -- it's all included in the price of the software!

Follow-Up Training:

Management changes, or rapid staff turnover, can sometimes create a situation in which many staff members are not thoroughly familiar with MediTrax. In such cases, additional on-site training can be provided. The cost for follow-up training is limited to reimbursement of actual travel expenses (economy-class airfare, and the lowest available hotel and auto rental fees) plus the instructor's fee. Contact MediTrax Support to discuss scheduling and cost.

For customers with a current Software Support Agreement, MediTrax underwrites 30% of the instructor's fee.

Subjects Covered During Initial On-Site Training:

As part of the training provided at your worksite, the following procedures are reviewed with Front Office staff, Clinical staff, and Administrative staff. This is really the nuts and bolts of the on-site orientation, and can last from 5 to 8 hours depending on questions. The remainder of the three-day training schedule is devoted to troubleshooting and ensuring that all users are comfortable with the data flow in MediTrax and are fluent in use of the software.

  • Administrative Setup (Administrators and IS/IT Staff)
    • Configuring the Authorized Users Roster
    • Configuring Scheduling and Billing Parameters
    • Configuring the Staff Clinician Roster
    • Importing Demographic and Clinical Records from other data systems
    • Configuring Service Fee Schedules (Service Listings) and Chargemasters
    • Configuring Encounter Types and Employer-Specific Clinical Protocols
    • Setting up the CutePDF Printer option
    • Configuring Additional Facility Parameters and Master Documents
    • Configuring the Supervisor and Employee Portals
  • Clinical Functions
    • Scheduling (Front Office staff) - minimum of about 30 min
      • Scheduling, Rescheduling, and Cancelling Appointments
      • Outlook® / Lotus Notes® Interface
      • Reviewing and Printing Schedules
      • Appointment and "Tickler" Reminders
      • Missed Appointments
    • Patient Registration (Front Office staff) - minimum of about 30 min
      • Menu Sequences
      • Demographics
      • Evaluation Categories
      • Clinical Protocols
      • Face Sheets, Routing Slips, Clinical Worksheets
      • Specimen and Mailing Labels
    • Discharging Employees and Documenting Encounters
      • Occupational Injury/Illness
      • Employer-Requested Evaluations
      • Diagnoses and Procedure Codes
      • Creation and Review of Clinical Notes
      • Scheduling Recall Appointments and Reminders
      • Using Voice Recognition Software
      • Creating and Using Text Templates
    • Documentation / Posting of Services (Billing staff) - minimum of about 20 minutes
      • Posting by Protocol
  • Demographics (All staff) - minimum of about 20 minutes
    • Employees
    • Employers
    • Insurers/Payors
    • Health Care Providers
  • Medical Surveillance (Clinical staff) - minimum of about 30 minutes
    • User-Defined Medical Surveillance Groups
    • Audiometry and Hearing Conservation
    • Immunization and Infection Control
    • "Paperless Flu Clinics" and other Group Immunization Events
    • Respiratory Protection and Respirator Fit Testing
    • Spirometry and EasyOne® Spirometer Interface
    • Surveillance Summaries and Compliance Reports
    • Employee / Supervisor Surveillance Reminders via Email
  • Personal EMR (Clinical staff) - minimum of about 30 minutes
    • Allergies
    • Medical Diagnoses
    • Medications
    • Vaccinations and Infectious Disease Surveillance
    • Encounter History
    • Procedures & Surgical History
    • Vital Signs
    • Laboratory Tests
    • Clinical Notes
    • Scanned Documents
    • Confidential "Notepad" function
  • Drug Testing
    • Random Selection
    • Documentation of Specimen Collection and Results
    • MRO Documentation and Reporting
  • Financial Transactions (Billing staff) - minimum of about an hour
    • Billing/Account Review
    • Posting Service Charges
    • Posting Payments and Adjustments
    • Invoicing and Collections
    • Account Overpayments
    • Financial Reports
  • Reporting (Administrative staff) - minimum of about an hour
    • Overview of Clinical, Administrative, and Financial Reporting Options
    • Workers Compensation and OSHA (300, 300A, 301, Sharps Log) Reporting
    • Reports available via the Supervisor Portal
  • Case Management (Case Management and/or FMLA staff) - minimum of about 45 minutes
    • Review of Case Management Support Functions
    • Review of FMLA Support
  • Occupational Safety (with the option for Safety and/or Inservice Training staff to sit in here or later)
    • Accident Investigation
    • Injury / Illness Summaries
    • OSHA (300, 300A, 301, Sharps Log) Reporting
  • Inservice Training
    • Course Rosters
    • Employee Training Record
  • Document Scanning
  • Review of Program and Network Configuration, and Wrap-Up

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