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We realize you're facing the sunset of a program you've come to rely on for affordable management of your employee health data. As you search for a comprehensive, user-friendly software solution to replace your Respond® or BD-Protect® installation, we invite you to compare MediTrax to the competition.

MediTrax offers the following advantages over any other program you might be considering:

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In these challenging economic times, if you can get everything you need in an easy-to-use employee health software program designed by and for occupational health professionals, why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars more for anything else?

The ongoing development of MediTrax is guided by clinicians and administrators with decades of real-world experience in the field of employee health and electronic data management. Moreover, unlike some vendors who claim to be experts in migrating legacy Respond® applications, our data-migration process from Respond® and BD-Protect® is guided by certified occupational health professionals with the clinical expertise to decipher records which may have been entered incorrectly or inconsistently in Respond® -- and the extraction and conversion of your Respond® data tables is included in our license fee at no extra cost.
MediTrax is extremely easy to learn and easy to use. Our customers have rated MediTrax as the most "user-friendly" software in the occupational health field. From our point-and-click appointment-scheduling menu to our time-efficient documentation and comprehensive reporting functions which follow your clinical workflow, you'll find MediTrax speeds and simplifies the tasks of data entry and surveillance tracking in ways you never thought possible before.
MediTrax is affordable. Our low one-time license fee includes everything you'll need to make the switch:
  • extraction, cleanup and conversion of your existing Respond® or BD-Protect® data tables,
  • updating your employee demographic information via a data upload from your HR information system (Lawson, PeopleSoft, Cerner, Meditech, etc.), and
  • extended on-site training to ensure all users are comfortable using the software.

We're convinced that hundreds of Respond® users can't be wrong: it is possible to obtain high-quality employee health software without spending $35,000 to $100,000 or more. What's more, we don't make you jump through hoops before revealing our pricing. The cost of MediTrax is by far the lowest in this field, with no expensive hidden last-minute "add-ons", no per-user or per-workstation fees, and no burdensome five-figure annual lease payments.

Incidentally, if you're on an extremely tight budget, extended payment options are available -- but in any case, your license fee will never exceed our initial proposal and quote.

MediTrax provides prompt, dependable technical support. We ensure the prompt and accurate conversion of your existing data ... at no extra charge! After installation, your license fee includes a full year of unlimited toll-free and e-mail support as well as live videoconference support via WebEx®, as well as all software updates released during that year to keep up with legal and regulatory changes in our field -- again, at no extra charge. After the first year, our Extended Software Support Agreement provides the same benefits at a low annual cost that's guaranteed not to increase ... ever!
MediTrax provides a smooth pathway toward your goal of paperless recordkeeping.
  • Our "Paperless Flu Clinic" function enables Employees to complete consent or declination forms online in advance, to minimize the time required for each individual participant in a "flu clinic". During the "flu clinic" itself, you can confirm immunization consent or declination (and receipt of the appropriate VIS) in just five to ten seconds and three mouse-clicks.

    There's no need for expensive "vaccination-scanner" units or software: MediTrax includes this self-contained point-and-click "flu clinic" feature at no extra cost!

  • Our fully-integrated Personal EMR dashboard links to information entered anywhere in the system, with no need for duplicate data entry ... ever!

  • Our print-to-PDF feature enables you to generate and distribute compliance reports and surveillance summaries without wasting reams of paper, and supervisory personnel can view appropriate reports on-screen via the Supervisor Portal.

  • We can upload electronic data from medical equipment such as the EasyOne® spirometer and various audiometers -- and the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking® voice recognition software, which we provide at no extra cost, enables your clinicians to dictate appointment notes right into MediTrax, eliminating transcription costs.

MediTrax supports comprehensive recordkeeping in a variety of employee-health-related disciplines:
  • Occupational safety (including documentation and tracking of occupational injuries, with automated generation of OSHA 300/300A/301 forms and Sharps Injury Logs),
  • Case management of occupational and non-occupational injury and illness cases,
  • "Sick Leave" documentation and tracking,
  • FMLA documentation and tracking,
  • Inservice training recordkeeping, and
  • Drug testing documentation, review (including MRO review) and reporting.

MediTrax offers prompt installation, with no extended lead time for setup. We can almost always offer software delivery, conversion of existing data, installation and training within two to three weeks of your purchase decision. And we're so confident you'll be satisfied with the performance and ease of use of MediTrax that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction ... just as we've offered for over 30 years!

Call or email us for a live demonstration of MediTrax at a time that's convenient for you and your staff. We'll follow that up with a fully-enabled evaluation copy of the software for you and your staff to explore. We're confident you'll agree with MediTrax users from Maine to California and from Florida to Alaska that

MediTrax is the Gold Standard for affordability and ease of use!

It's everything you need, at a fraction of the cost!

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